It is still hard to believe that Shyne is now a Hasidic Jew and changed his name to Moses Michael Levi.

Watch the video for That’s Gangsta again just for shits and gigs. It was a fucking awesome track.

Jay da 3rd x vyndu - booty alert

King Louie - Im Arrogant

   - Shit knocks

London On Da Track - Hookah feat. Tyga & Young Thug

Mac Miller - Happy

Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix)


Atlas Lynch - Young Sea Side

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shittsville

Future ft. Pharrell & Pusha T - Move That Dope (HPNTK Remix)

tshima - shit

Perc - Bleeding Colours (Untold Remix)

   - Not sure why, but this track sounds really good to these ears today.

Uncon Sci - Fucked Up ( Sleeve↓ Remix)

This whole beat tape is worth a listen. Check it out here I actually like the original version of this track better than the remix but there is not a video for it on YouTube and this video is weird as shit so that’s tight. So yeah, no idea where or when I found this shit but its kinda tight and if you like that kind of shit then listen here